What Is Bioclear®?

The Bioclear® Method is a method used to rejuvenate teeth using heated composite and an injection molding technique. It is also a conservative alternative to traditional porcelain restorations.

The Result:

A porcelain-like finish with ultimate beauty and realism. It can be used to:

  • Correct worn teeth
  • Repair cracked teeth
  • Solve food impaction issues
  • Correct teeth with cavities both large and small
  • Reshape teeth
  • Replace failing silver amalgam fillings
  • Avoid the need for conventional crowns in many cases

How Does It Work?

For many years dentists have been taught to repair or reshape teeth with composite resin by taking pieces of room temperature material and pushing it on or into teeth with various instruments. Piece by piece is typically set with a powerful light source that hardens the material.

With Bioclear® the process is changed dramatically. The tooth is first cleaned to be plaque-free with a device called the Bioblaster. Then the tooth is properly isolated and an appropriate Bioclear® matrices are selected and stabilized to provide the desired mold or shape. Heated composite resin is then injected into these matrices and light-cured in one solid mass. Shaping, finishing, and polishing are done to produce a beautiful and durable restoration.

Is Bioclear® Right for You?

Bioclear® can transform your smile or quickly repair unhealthy teeth and give you the healthy, confident smile you deserve. Best of all, Bioclear® is minimally invasive and more cost-effective than many conventional treatments. The cost-effective is all based upon what Dr. Korpan charges, there is no general/universal price for Bioclear®. To find out more about this exciting technique call our office in Batavia, IL today.

Dr. Korpan's Bioclear® Certifications

Dr. Ken Korpan is a Certified Core Posterior Bioclear® Doctor. This Bioclear® Certification covers the back - posterior - teeth. Dr. Korpan spent two full days of hands-on education to master all conservative treatments for the back teeth. These treatments are often alternatives to grinding down the teeth for crowns. Doctors learn to treat teeth with preparations that are engineered to last for years, without compromising the integrity of the tooth itself. Using the Bioclear® Method and as a Certified Bioclear® Doctor, Dr. Korpan can confidently and conservatively help transform your teeth.

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